report / horto 2021


2021-03-09 10:33

Luca Lombardo

innovazione e tecnologia in supporto all'agricoltura, and Rapp / and Rapp / the real change starts with us.

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'Keep planting your seeds, you will never know which ones will grow, maybe everyone

will '

Albert Einstein this sentence was the author to make sure that starting from a simple idea, the path is outlined that to date, it has led us to be present with ideas, e-commerce, apps, and is just the beginning to really change our eating habits for the better, and give a hand

to a suffering planet. 73 million meters every year cubes of vegetables and food are thrown away, with a waste of water equal to

the needs of the Lombardy region.The reason why Hortostore and Rapp / horto were born to give voice and space to radical changes, giving each of us the opportunity contribute significantly not to waste,

but to save resources.